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Body Treatments

Tout en finesse

This self heating body wrap will combat cellulite, reduce water retention and puffiness. It will also improve circulation and fight stubborn curves. The treatment includes an indulgent body scrub and relaxing massage.

For best results a course of 3-6 times over 6-12 weeks. 90 minutes £45

Tout en energie

This detoxifying body wrap energises, stimulates and firms whilst promoting cell renewal and healing. Eliminates dead skin cells with an all over exfoliation, and finishes with an uplifting massage.

For best results a course of 3-6 over 6-12 weeks. 90 minutes £45

Hot stone therapy

Using heated basalt stones from Maine, USA. This the ultimate in relaxing massage treatments. These stones have been chosen as they retain their heat for a great length of time, which slowly release throughout the massage. This treatment will detoxify, whilst relaxing you. Leaving you feeling rejuvenated and with an inner calm.

Back 30 minutes £20
Full body 60 minutes £30

Gommage eclat

A deep cleansing treatment, eliminating dead skin cells, freshening the body and hydrating the skin. Includes a deep hydrating massage. Ideal to have before exposure to the sum. 60 minutes £30

Swedish massage

This massage was developed to improve circulation and increase blood flow, relieving stress and general muscle tension. A very relaxing experience

Back £30 minutes £16
Full body 60 minutes £26

Indian head massage

Working on the upper back, neck, head and face, stimulating hair growth, relaxing an over active mind, improving circulation, concentration and reducing the symptoms of stress.

45 minutes £21